Gift Cards and Store Cards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail provides retailers with the capability to issue store cards and gift cards to the customers. Key features include:

  • Physical and electronic gift cards: In addition to supporting the sale and redemption of physical gift cards, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail lets you sell electronic gift cards in the online store and the call center.

    Dynamics 365 for Retail POS Gift Cards; Microsoft Point of Sale Gift Cards

      Dynamics 365 for Retail provides support for physical and electronic gift cards

Omni-channel usage of cards. Customers can buy a card online and use it in store or vice-versa.

  • Add Funds: Ability to add funds or top-up a gift card. Funds can be added in-store, online or via a call center.

Adding Funds to a Gift Card in Dynamics 365 for Retail POS; Gift Card Top Up

Funds can be added to a Gift Card in Store, Online or via a Call Center

  • Self-service: Self-service options for customers via portals and a mobile app to do a balance inquiry of the card balance, add funds and gift funds to other card holders.
  • Void gift cards: When a gift card is issued in error, you can void the gift card if it hasn’t been used in a transaction.
  • Payment Method: Use Gift cards as a payment method on transactions with appropriate financial impact.
Dynamics 365 for Retail POS with Gift Card as the Payment Method
Sales Transaction in Dynamics 365 for Retail POS with Gift Card as the Payment Method
Gift Card Balance with Dynamics 365 for Retail POS
Gift Card Balance after Transaction

Cross-company or cross-brand gift cards: Gift cards can be sold and accepted by retail stores across legal entities. In this scenario, one legal entity in an organization holds the liability balance for gift cards and appropriate Intercompany due from/ due to balances are posted to the entities that sell the gift cards.

  • Appropriate Financial recognition of Gift Card balance: Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail also features an ERP system it has all the sophistication a CFO will want in a retail system including appropriate liability recognition for a gift card. When the gift card is sold, or funds added to a gift card, the liability is accrued in the balance sheet. When payments are made with the gift card, the gift card liability is relieved for the corresponding amount.
  • Card Transaction History: Full Transaction History including load, addition of funds, funds transfer, redemptions are maintained on the card and available for inquiry as shown below.
Dynamics 365 for Retail Gift Card Transaction History
Gift Card Transaction History showing sale, addition of funds and redemptions

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